Graduation Requirements


NYS Diploma Requirements for Dover High School Students

Entering 9th Grade after 2016

Information regarding Credit Recovery Classes

New York State Flow Chart for the following:

  • *High School Diploma
  • *Career Development and Occupational Studies Credential(CDOS)
  • *Skills and Achievement Commencement Credential (SACC)
  • *High School Equivalency Diploma


Dover High School offers a range of courses and programs designed to prepare the student for post-secondary education and/or success in the career world. In order to receive the maximum benefits from the programs offered and ensure the successful completion of the New York State high school graduation requirements, the student, together with his/her parents, must plan ahead. This COURSE SELECTION GUIDE is designed to facilitate this planning. The student is encouraged to plan a tentative course of studies for grades nine-twelve, as well as formulating a schedule for the next school year.

Please take the time to read and discuss this COURSE SELECTION GUIDE with your child. Dover High School and the New York State Education Department are encouraging all students to achieve higher standards. The Administration, Teachers, and, most especially, the Guidance Counselors are available to assist you with the planning process for your child. Working together we hope to provide an educational experience for every student which will maximize potential and ensure future success.


Whether you plan to go to college, to a technical school, or begin a job, it is important to build your four-year high school program (Career Plan) carefully. You want to be sure that you will meet college and/or job requirements and also take advantage of the course offerings in Dover High School. Counselors work with you at each of the grade levels. You receive individual and group help for educational, vocational, career, and post-high school planning, test interpretation, and help in making adjustments while in high school.

It is helpful to draw up a tentative four year program when you are in the ninth grade. Of course, your tentative program will only be a blueprint, and you may want to revise it as you progress and your interests change during your high school years. Again in the junior year, it would be a good idea to examine, along with your parents/guardians and guidance counselor, your course of study to make sure necessary requirements are met and post graduation planning is underway. Perhaps the most important rule to follow is to keep all your options open, and follow a broad, general program of studies which will prepare you for almost any college major or career. Then you will have the freedom to choose among your options as a senior, and you will not find yourself caught short, missing important courses necessary to pursue your career goals. In addition to the courses in the five academic areas, it is necessary to broaden yourself by taking additional electives.

Most colleges suggest that you take a challenging and well-rounded academic program. Since individual colleges vary in their requirements, and you may be interested in a specialized field or a specific college, you should consult your counselor and check college websites and catalogs for requirements. For example, engineering schools may require extra mathematics and science courses. Every college lists its specific requirements for admission.

In addition to the courses required for graduation, you will want to select a well-balanced program from the wide variety of courses. Your specific program will depend upon your career goals, and therefore, you should talk to your counselor about what courses you will need.

Please click on the following links to view the Sample Planning Charts you are interested in:


All students participating in the graduation ceremony shall have completed all requirements for graduation as bona fide students which means they shall have satisfied entirely all State of New York Board of Regents and Department of Education requirements and those of the Dover Union Free School District. Such requirements shall include completing tests, course sequences, required number of credits, and other requirements deemed pertinent by the principal of the Dover Senior High School. No student shall be allowed to participate in said ceremony and receive a blank diploma until such time as requirements are satisfied.

In addition to fulfilling the basic graduation, or "CORE," requirements, all students must demonstrate their competency in the basic skills by passing Regents and/or competency exams. These exam requirements are different for students pursuing Advanced Regents, Regents, and Local diplomas. In keeping with Board of Education Policy, no student will be allowed to participate in graduation ceremonies unless all course requirements have been completed and all Regents and/or competency tests passed.

The final course average entered on the transcript is the combination of the class average (4/5) and the mid-term and final examination (1/5). The transcript and report card show the final examination grade, the Regents examination grade, if applicable, and the final course average in each course.

Honors courses offered at the high school level, including 8th grade advanced offerings, will be weighted at 1.13 for the computation of class rank in senior year.

AP (Advanced Placement) courses and Dutchess Community College Level courses offered at Dover High School are weighted by a factor of 1.25 for the computation of class rank in senior year.

GPA and Class Rank are computed in the spring of senior year and they are based on the six semesters already completed and the first three quarters of the students' senior year. They are based on all grades accumulated during this period except courses graded pass/fail, and including failures, summer school grades, and grades from courses taken at other schools for high school credit. High school courses taken for credit in eighth grade are also included in rank and average calculations.

After the third quarter of senior year, rank and GPA are recalculated for the final determination of the Valedictorian and Salutatorian.

Please click on the following link to view the New York State Graduation requirements.

Graduation Requirements


A student must have a certain number of credits in order to be considered a member of the class:

Freshman - Grade 9
Successful completion of Grade 8
and enrolled in Grade 9 classes.

Junior - Grade 11
8 credits completed

Sophomore - Grade 10
4 credits completed

Senior - Grade 12
14.5 credits completed

Students who graduate early (after three years) will not be considered seniors until the second semester of the year in which they intend to graduate. They will, however, be ranked with the senior class.


All students in grades 9 through 12 are required to maintain a full academic schedule throughout the entire school year. Students must carry a minimum of six credits. Exceptional situations and Senior Release Time will be addressed by the high school principal.


The Counseling Department provides an opportunity for every student and his/her parent(s) to meet and plan a schedule each year. In addition, both guidance and faculty are always willing to discuss course choices with parents and students before the student registers for a course. In general, these safeguards should make course changes unnecessary. However, when changes are requested, the following policy shall be in effect.

  1. First 5 days of class - Students may add or drop a course if they judge the course inappropriate. School Counselor and parent permission will be required.

  2. After 10 days of class - Students may request a course change under extraordinary circumstances, but must show compelling evidence to justify the change. Administrator, teacher, School Counselor, and parent permission will be required. The student's permanent record card will reflect that the student was enrolled in the course and dropped it while passing or failing. Under no circumstances can student transcripts or permanent record cards be altered by any school personnel.


In the event that a student requests a teacher change, the request must be submitted to the high school principal in writing. The request should outline the reasons for the change and the expected outcome of the change. Prior to granting such a request, the principal will review the request, and may require a conference with the student, parent, teachers, and/or school counselor.

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